Thassos is the most northern island in the Aegean Sea. It has beautiful nature and beaches. You wonít find mass tourism here and everywhere you will find the typical Greek atmosphere. A mountain ridge crosses the island with Mount Ipsarion being the highest point (1206 m).
Even in the high season you can still find here small, quiet beaches. The inland is green and has many springs. Ideal for walking.
Along the coast a good road of about 100 km encircles the island. From here there are several asphalt roads up to the mountain villages, where you can have a drink on the village square shaded by old plane trees.
Thassos is famous for its snow-white marble, delicious honey and very good olive oil.

Also known as Thassos Town. This is the port of the island where the ferry arrives from Keramoti if you fly to Kavala.
Throughout Limenas you can find archeological sites, because the new town turned out to be built on the old one. Above the town lies the ancient theatre and acropolis, where you have a wonderful view over the town and even the mainland. Near the old port is the archeological museum.
Limenas is quite a tourist place and has a lot of souvenir shops.

A beautifully situated mountain village that has many houses with slate roofs. The village lies at the foot of the mountain Ipsarion and (even in summer!) ice-cold spring water is running through the village by channels.

You can walk around the little peninsular and see the historical sites and the place where the marble was cut in the old days. After, you can have a refreshing swim in the crystal clear water or a nice meal in one of the taverns on the beach.

Moni Anchangelou Michail
This monastery, dedicated to the archangel Michael, was built high on a cliff. It is certainly worth a visit, if only for the idyllic tranquility and the breathtaking views. Note that the nuns demand strict dress codes, but donít worry, at the entrance there is appropriate clothing available. The monastery is situated on the main road between Astris and Alyki and is therefore easy to reach.

A photogenic mountain village, that is famous for its slate roofs and homemade sweets.  There is also a shoemaker, making various types of leather slippers and sandals. If you are lucky you can even see him at work.

A hidden mountain village, whose residents withdrew to the coast, starting the villages Kalivia and Limenaria. These places are therefore very linked. The mountain village was completely abandoned and was in decline, but in recent years more and more houses are being renovated in the traditional manner and there is even electricity now. The village has a tavern, run by Kostas, where you can eat delicious homemade yogurt with honey. On special occasions the village comes alive. For example on January 18th when the church dedicated to Agios Athanasios (also worth a visit) is celebrating. All residents of Kalivia and Limenaria then gather in the village to feast. The church is also still in use for weddings and baptisms.
Since 2016 the village can be reached from Kalivia via a new asphalt road.

Mikro and Megalo Prinos (Kazaviti)
These mountain villages are definitely worth visiting. They are beautifully situated against the mountainside overlooking the green valley towards Kavala. In and around both villages you can make nice walks, and after relax on the square under the enormous plane trees.

Monastery Agios Panteleimonas
Even the drive to the monastery is beautiful. Recently a very good asphalt road (from Mikro Prinos) is built winding up along the mountain slope with breathtaking sights. The monastery also has a cave with holy water to visit.

On Thassos one can move around the island in various ways.

By bus
The bus is relatively cheap. It is wise to buy a ticket in advance, because on the bus they are more expensive, tickets can be purchased from most of the cigarette kiosks or some shops.
There are connections between most of the places, but also a line around the island. You buy a ticket for the whole day and hop on and off when you want.

By taxi
This is still outstanding, but due to the high oil prices it is slowly getting more expensive.

By car
In Limenaria there are several rental companies with good cars and full insurance.
Also consider hiring a jeep to explore the mountains and visit Kastro.

By motor/moped
A motorbike or moped is an ideal way to explore the island. In Limenaria and Potos there are several rental companies.
Please note: a helmet is compulsory.

By bike
For those staying in Kalivia, the bicycle is an ideal vehicle to go to Limenaria or the beach. The road from Kalivia to Limenaria goes slowly down and is easy to do with the bike. Also surrounding villages and beaches can be reached by bike, although that requires a bit more effort!

On the island itself there is small weekly market in Prinos on Monday morning.
There are plenty of stalls, which consist mainly of vegetables and fruits, dried herbs, plants, clothing, shoes and textiles.
To really enjoy the Greek way of shopping at the market you must get up early and be there about 9 or 9.30 hrs. Especially at the fruit and vegetable stall you can shoot some beautiful pictures.
Prinos is easily accessible by bus.

On Saturday morning there is a market in Kavala on the mainland. From Skala Prinos you can go there by hydrofoil boat or ferry. The market is located within walking distance of the harbor.

On Tuesday morning there is a market in Chrisoupoli. From Limenas you go by ferry to Keramoti. From there it is a short ride by taxi or bus.

For those people who donít want to lie on the beach all day, Thassos offers plenty of other activities.

Water sports
Various water sports and boat rentals in the immediate area can be found in Limenaria, Pefkari and Potos.

In Pefkari and Potos there are diving schools, which offers one - one diving instructions, and you can also arrange for trips to the bottom of the beautiful Aegean Sea.

Boat trip
From Limenaria a boat departs daily to visit nice bays for swimming and snorkeling. There is also a barbecue lunch provided.

With a jeep in to the mountains
Rent a jeep for a day (or more), explore the mountains and enjoy the natural beauty of Thassos. Visit the village of Kastro, the waterfall Apostolus, go to the top of the Ipsario (the highest point of the island), to the lake of Maries and its waterfalls or just tour around. To get lost is nearly impossible.

Horseback riding
In Theologos and Skala Prinos you can go for horseback riding.

Thassos is the ideal island for making long (or shorter) walks.
In the bigger supermarkets or souvenirshops you can buy a good hiking map.
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